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Poem: "Abstinence" at "Eunoia Review"

I don't have a lengthy list of publications that have published me repeatedly over the years. (I often feel shy about going back!) The Singapore-based Eunoia Review helmed by founder and editor Ian Chung is one of the happy exceptions. Starting back in 2014, this vigorous online literary magazine (which publishes multiple times daily) started accepting my work with the short verse "A Little Chaos" which just happens to be in my new poetry collection Fassbinder: His Movies, My Poems. More recently the site has served up my rispetto "Abstinence" which was part of my first chapbook Untitled and other poems.

Abstinence Wheel around the common drive, fruit will rot in cotton briefs. Cuts in oil may cause to thrive a crotchety diet of no relief. Waste is spoil. Hunger resides inside the bone. The solo rides like dried gourds rattle rank this idle engine’s body’s crank.

"Abstinence" was republished by Eunoia Review in June 2024. The gorgeous accompanying public domain image is from Wikipedia.

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