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Periodic Boyfriends

"The poems run the gamut from sneakily humorous to outright hilarity."

Puma Perl | Chelsea Community News

"Rabelaisian, witty, wistful and intelligent..."

Charles Rammelkamp | London Grip

"...a masterpiece of love, lust, loss, and acceptance."

Ellen Fagan | CultureSonar

Infinity Standing Up

"Pisarra’s writing captures both the rollicking rush of emotions early in a relationship and the dark jealousy of its stormy end."

Elizabeth Lund | The Washington Post

"For earnest lovers of poetry, Pisarra is like an alchemist with imagery." 

Liam Anthony | Independent Book Review

"These are smart poems, at their smartest in the realization that wit won’t save—and rarely effectively salves—the pain and confusion that comes in the wake of a failed affair."

Spencer Dew | decomP magazinE

You're Pretty Gay

"Pisarra’s world is just pure fun and amounts to pages of queer creative writing and storytelling at its finest."

Jim Piechota | Bay Area Reporter

"Pisarra writes with elegant, even beautiful, prose, positing this world as a place of transition, temptation and theatre."

Eoghan Lyng | We Are Cult

"A goldmine of plot lines, characters, and narratives confront the limiting and pervasive structures of heteronormativity and gender role conditioning."

Elizabeth Hoover | Fourteen Hills

Publick Spanking

“Cruising on the edge of polite literature, Publick Spanking makes the taboo seem acceptable and the mundane seem mysterious.”

Willamette Week

“A mesmerizing stylist, Pisarra unites forms of the short story, the essay, and poetry to invoke enchanting starkness.”

Puck Magazine

“Full of blood and sex and vacant expressions, they are stories that don’t shy away from what’s real about life…”

Portlandia Review

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