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Book Launch Weekend: "Periodic Boyfriends"

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

This Pride Month, Capturing Fire Press will be releasing Periodic Boyfriends, my new collection of sonnets inspired by the periodic table of elements and my own catalog of one-night-stands: Specifically, I will be reading...

  • Sat., Jun. 17 at 6pm as part of Homo Stanzas & Capturing Fire Slam Present DC’s Queer Pride Slam Finale at Dupont Underground with co-hosts Casey Catherine Moore and Regie Cabico, 19 Dupont Cir. NW, Washington, DC.

  • Sun., Jun. 18 at 5pm as Capturing Fire Press founder Regie Cabico hosts the Periodic Boyfriends book release party at the Bureau of General Services – Queer Division at The Center, 208 W. 13th St., New York, NY.

Should you be in DC or NYC on these days, please join me for the festivities. Evites, Facebook Event invites, and links-to-buy to follow shortly!

Advance Praise for Periodic Boyfriends "Drew Pisarra's extraordinary sonnets provoke and involve the reader's response to the poet's personal experiences, energized scenarios of love, sex and irony!" – Rochelle Owens, Salt & Core "Drew Pisarra’s brilliant new collection reminds a reader of what those randy geniuses, the Elizabethan and 17th-century sonneteers, knew well: it’s an elegant whore of a form, bending graciously to the whims and passions of a canny writer. Pisarra is one of those. A rare one." – Clarinda Harriss, Dirty Blue Voice "Periodic Boyfriends is what you get when you pair Grindr problems with the human need to rationalize existence: carefully wrought stanzas filled with wit, humor, loss, and longing." – Patrick Key, Grand Little Things "Each of these powerful, provocative, sexy sonnets is a play unto itself with two characters wrestling – coming together, falling away, then perhaps back again. Pisarra is a lover in every sense. His passion and respect for the struggle is stunningly expressed in this hilarious and dazzling book." – Linda Manning, Perfect Love About Drew Pisarra: A grantee of Café Royal Cultural Foundation (2019), Curious Elixirs: Curious Creators (2021), and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (2023), Drew Pisarra is also author of the previous poetry collection Infinity Standing Up [lauded as “brazen and lusty and often amusing” by The Washington Post] and the short story collection You’re Pretty Gay (2021) [excerpted by Ms. magazine]. About Capturing Fire Press: This independent publishing house was founded by Regie Cabico and seeks to promote politically charged performance and experimental poetry of the highest quality by diverse queer poets from around the globe.

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