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Theater: "Price in Purgatory" at 53 Above

Happy hour in Hell? Something like that (and just in time for Halloween). My new “live” radio play Price in Purgatory concerns horror movie legend Vincent Price who — after being banished to Hell — is about to get a second chance thanks to the Mormons who have petitioned God in appreciation of Price’s brilliant turn as Joseph Smith in the biopic Brigham Young. Now Price must navigate the seven sins of Dante’s Purgatorio with the help of a spirit guide (who looks remarkably like him) if he wants to get to heaven. What makes a man? What makes a soul? What makes a career? Vincent Price is about to find out. The cast for this production features Jmar Reid and Mike Pinney as two very different Vincent Prices while Sai Cameron Gatrall will be taking on the role of the Almighty. Douglas Wagner directs.

This limited-run production is financed in part by public funds from the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, the NYC Council, and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. Additional funding made possible by the family of Fresh Fruit Festival's late Board Member, Bruce Kessler. Head on over to the Fresh Fruit Festival website if you'd like to buy a ticket for Sat., Nov. 4 at 1pm or Sun., Nov. 5 at 6pm.

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