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Press: "Price in Purgatory" at 53 Above

It's not often that I get to premiere three shows in a single theatrical season but this year was a happy exception. And so, after Click opened at The Tank in September and My Bedroom Is an Installation at Imago in October, I rounded out the fall with Price in Purgatory: A Live Radio Play at 53 Above. Directed and sound-designed by the truly inspiring Douglas Wagner, my final show of the year featured actors Jmar Reid, Sai Cameron Gatrall and Mike Pinney and played to enthusiastically full houses on Nov. 4 and 5 -- despite the weird showtimes of 1pm and 6pm respectively. Reviews were positive; interviews, relatively painless.

The image above is from a dress rehearsal of the production with actors Jmar Reid as the Spirit Guide, 11-year-old Sai Cameron Gatrall as God and Mike Pinney as Vincent Price. Costumes are by Adanne Spencer-Johnson; set design signage by yours truly.

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