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Press: "Click" at The Tank

Inspired by the death of film legend Jean-Luc Godard in 2022, I wrote the script for Click in a week, using my memories of Breathless (which I saw in college) as a starting point. It's a bit strange to admit that my first play to be produced in NYC for over a decade is one which I wrote in a mad fever but so it is. The subsequent production, directed by James Dean Palmer, and featuring a trio of young talent (Shuga Ohashi as Clare, Mohammad Saleem as Del, and Saman Peyman as Oona), was definitely an intense and rewarding experience. But boy, is there a huge difference between being under the spotlight as a writer of books (where the phrase is used figuratively) and as a writer of plays (where the phrase is much more literal). Especially since every night, every performance is a unique experience. And your critics are right inside the room. Our modest production at The Tank garnered some favorable press and the audiences were consistently peppered with people from my past, leading to many welcome reunions. There was a very astute review in Thinking Theatre NYC ("...engages with love and self and human nature in ways that are atypical of noir"), a flattering interview in On and Off Broadway (" I was reading Click, the first thing I thought was God, actors would kill to play these roles..."), and even some industry coverage in Broadway World ("Meet the Cast of CLICK Premiering at The Tank NYC"). All said, I'm really proud of the work we did collectively on the humblest of means.

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