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Press: "Periodic Boyfriends" / "My Bedroom..."

Updated: Jan 22

The end of 2023 and the beginning of 2023 collectively had me experiencing a little flurry of friendly press as Periodic Boyfriends received two more positive reviews and My Bedroom Is an Installation popped up on a "best of the year" list in Portland, Oregon -- much to my delight. Interestingly, the most recent review was the one I'd been waiting for the longest. But when good notices come in the mail (or land online), who cares what the month is (or the day or the hour). These all felt like Christmas presents to me.

  • Misfit magazine on Periodic Boyfriends: "There are sonnet sequences and then there is a sonnet sequence by Drew Pisarra. By which I mean, this is not your great-grandfather’s sonnets sequence. Unless she was Oscar Wilde. A truly demented Oscar Wilde."

  • Willamette Week on My Bedroom Is an Installation: " is rarely more innovative than My Bedroom Is an Installation, a brilliantly batshit tale of insomnia, puppetry, and existential anguish."

  • Full House literary magazine on Periodic Boyfriends: "...a collection that left me amazed at the attention to craft, extensive use of contrast and metaphor and the sheer prowess of Pisarra’s words.

  • Additionally, Publishers Weekly had something nice to say about "The Window Inside, my story in the Lethe Press anthology, Brute.

Photograph (entitled "Person, Reading, Bed, Hotel," then tinted pink) comes courtesy of its creator Wokandapix on Pixabay.

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